About Toppler

What is the Toppler™ Philosophy

Toppler™ people believe that any person or business can be successful with the right tools, resources, unique characteristics and approach to customer communication. We truly believe the Toppler™ product offering has that. We feel tools of the day look similar in the age of social networking and Agile driven development, and as long as you can make things better and/or provide something unique to the World, it's worth putting time and money into making things happen, while continuing to innovate, drive with passion, develop intuitive and cognitive features and engineer state-of-the-art technology.

What is Toppler™

"Toppler™ is the World's First Ever Success Engine!™ Our goal is to ensure you can easily and privately manage the lists of things that make up your day-to-day life, transform the products and/or services you offer into valuable resources that help others achieve, enhance your online profile to better position the things that make you unique, while equipping you with next generation social networking capabilities to rally others around your brand objectives on a massive scale! What's the best part? Toppler™ is FREE!"

How Does Toppler™ Work?

Toppler™ allows people to keep track of the lists of little things that make up our day to day goals, dreams, bucket lists, Visual Books™, videos, images, and more! You always have things to do, and these things are almost always special lists of action items that make up your day-to-day activities. Whether you are going shopping for your son’s birthday, researching a business you want to join or you have a date at 7pm, Toppler™ makes it easier to commit to these action items, and most importantly, provides suggestions that help achieve success with these action items, all done so in an intuitive, easy-to-use cognitive manner. Just think about that for a minute. Just think how helpful that is to all of us!

In addition, and although not required to use Toppler™, what makes Toppler™ more powerful is the use of Topplets™, the social currency people earn just by using Toppler™; making posts, sharing content, posting lists, and more. These very same Topplets™ are what businesses use to advertise on Toppler™. Businesses will often accept Topplets™ as a form of payment from other Toppler users, because they can use them to unlock features and advertise their resources instead of paying for it.

People can also leverage Toppler™ to post their lists, set reminders and milestones to these lists, which will notify you in various forms of your choosing (notifications, emails, and/or text messages). This keeps your lists close to you. Most importantly, aside from unlocking features using your Topplets™, you can use your Topplets™ to purchase real world products and services to help you achieve your goals and dreams in ways you couldn't before, because the businesses that accept Topplets™ will gladly give you these real world products and services for the trade in Topplets™, because businesses who advertise on Toppler™ use Topplets to do so.

You can also share your Topplets™ with your people for those friends who need them more than you do.

Bucket Lists, Goals, Dreams and More!

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